NOSA Student Spotlight 2020

Sophia Johnson is a first-year student at SUNY College of Optometry.

She joined the NOSA/NOA community in August 2019 as a one of our First-Year Liaison’s and has become an integral part of our SUNY’s E-board. Amidst the challenges of first year, Sophia has continuously put NOSA atop of her priority list, demonstrated by her willingness to assist, creatively augment, and even spearhead NOSA projects/events. In addition to her contributions to NOSA, Sophia is an active member of the AOSA, NJSOP, FCO, and conducts research on Digital Eye strain as a part of Master’s in Vision Science.

Sophia plans to attend the annual NOA Convention July 2020, where you’ll better to get to know this rising star.


Ray Farmer (SUNY NOSA President)

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