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NOSA Member Spotlight

NOSA Member Spotlight – Jivan Hovsepyan

Why did you join NOSA?


I joined the National Optometric Student Association to help spread awareness about optometry to the local communities. In my experience with the local immigrant population, it’s not very well understood all the services optometrists can provide.

What does “outreach” mean to you?


Outreach is an opportunity for me to stay true to my internal compass. It is an opportunity to perfect my clinical skills while simultaneously extending a hand to those in need. As Optometry students and future medical professionals, we are in a unique position to provide specialized services to impoverished communities. We have an intrinsic obligation to help those in need. In essence, outreach is a chance to fulfill this obligation.

What did you wish to know before coming to optometry school?


I wish I knew about all of the different practice modalities that optometrists can partake beyond just private practice. Throughout my application process, I thought that private practice was the only thing that optometrist did. Since then, I’ve realized that there are significantly more opportunities to branch out—specifically research, hospital, and co-management to name a few. Ever since I started at SCCO, I’ve discovered my passion for research optometry. Upon graduating from SCCO, I hope to work as a research optometrist in the private sector.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?


Ever since I started at SCCO, I have attended every single volunteer clinic that was offered. The only volunteer opportunities that I didn’t attend were ones that weren’t physically possible because I was working a different volunteer clinic on the same day.
I’ve kept logs of all the time I’ve spent working with patients. In total, I have attended 5 weeklong missions, 28 day-long clinics, all together totaling 317 volunteer hours. Roughly 24 hours per month in my 14 months in optometry school. My goal is to keep attending every single clinic humanly possible through the end of my 3rd year.

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